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Impact Training & Development

Level up your skills for Greater Social Impact with:

Do you work with a Social Enterprise, a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative or maybe you are someone who wants to improve how you deliver impact for the projects and causes that you are passionate about?

Well look no further, VisionWorks in collaboration with University for Peace Centre for Executive Education brings to you a range of courses that may be just right for you!


The University for Peace (UPEACE) is an institution of higher education dedicated to the study of peace.

Created by UN General Assembly Resolution 35/55, the University for Peace has been training leaders for peace for the past four decades. It is a unique global academic institution with over 2,000 Alumni hailing from more than 120 nations. Through its Master’s and Doctoral degree programmes, UPEACE trains future leaders to explore and formulate strategies and practices in various contexts to address the causes of multiple problems affecting human and global wellbeing, and thus contribute to the processes of peacekeeping and peace-building. The UPEACE Experience is experiential and unique, empowering, transformative and cultivates critical thinking in its students.

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The UPEACE Centre for Executive Education is located in the University for Peace, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Online Courses

The UPEACE Centre for Executive Education (CEE) offers a total of 8 online courses, each tackling a topic central to the idea of social innovation, from the creation of a monitoring system to bringing innovation to the classroom.

Our online courses are administered by dedicated facilitators that are experts in their fields, allowing personalized feedback and live webinars in each course. Assignments are designed to be flexible so that working professionals can participate in their free time.

Courses are being offered every month; below you can find the upcoming starting dates. 

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Courses can be taken individually or as part of the Diploma in Social Innovation or the Global Leadership Diploma.

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Diploma in Social Innovation

This 18-month program brings together all of our single offerings to provide you with the tools, inspiration and feedback you need to develop and launch a social business, organization or project, or to fine-tune one that is already in progress.

Global Leadership Diploma.

The Global Leadership Diploma provides the space to develop the skills, creative confidence and networks needed to approach complex problems in a fast-changing world. Participants gain dynamic training and personalized reflection to prepare for a future of diverse global challenges.