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Simone Nicome

Simone Nicome

Empowerment Coach

Nothing destroys your vision, like conforming to the limited expectations of others for you. 

Have you placed a limit on your dreams? Or silenced your ideas to avoid it being ridiculed – again? Or have you joined with the masses to gush over the emperor’s new clothes rather than speaking the naked truth? A ‘yes’ to situations like these, means you are living life below your full capability.

This is exactly where Simone Nicome found herself, following a personally devastating period in her life. Hers is a familiar story where the actions and words of others took her off course from leading an authentic life. That is, until she decided to start a new chapter and create her own narrative. That decision brought her greater opportunities and all-round success.

Simone has delivered workshops, on how to Create Your Own Narrative. This is an empowerment intervention designed to harness your authentic strengths.  You will uncover where your specific area of influence lies and how to have maximum impact with your audience. Along the way, you will level-up your confidence integrating what comes naturally to you into your everyday activities.