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Michelle Timothy-Ellis

Michelle Timothy-Ellis

Practical Living Coach

Never in history have people had more access to information, but lamentably such little ability to use it to improve their quality of living. People seem to be more confused than ever before about how to apply their knowledge to living an abundant life. Evidently, there is a difference between information and wisdom. 

Have you had to plan an event on a “shoe-string” budget, manage a family budget, , achieve work-life balance, manage personal relations, refurbish a living or work space, make key business decisions or make the best of your business networks? In such cases people just need practical solutions. 

Michelle Ellis, a minimalist by choice, a Practical Living Coach by experience offers common sense advice for living. She shares how a touch of wisdom in daily affairs can make a huge difference in the quality of life. Michelle will help you develop effective productivity strategies and skills needed to accomplish more with your time so that you can enjoy the things that matter most to you!