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Kathleen Joseph

Kathleen Joseph

CSR Coach

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are now essential in every organization’s business strategy and culture.

This commitment to corporate social responsibility is for more than just social good.  An effective CSR strategy can also enhance a company’s reputation and thus help maximise its profitability.

As a Behaviour Change Communication Specialist Kathleen has worked at the level of the community and the government conducting training, implementing programmes and assisting in building capacity among stakeholders. 

Mrs. Joseph is ready to help VW clients make expand and deepen their CSR footprint.  Mrs. Joseph will help businesses to become more responsive to the environment and human welfare by defining and developing the strategies which underpin their CSR objectives.  She will help you to integrate CSR and governance policies to enhance sustainable growth, reduce reputation risk, build relationships with partner organisations, and then implement and coordinate a range of activities and initiatives which are designed to have a positive impact and generate value on direct communities and wider stakeholders.

Ms. Joseph knowhow and experienced is supported by an MA, Communication for Social and Behaviour Change,  University of the West Indies Mona Campus and an Executive Master in Business Administration Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School.