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Cecil Tudor

Cecil Tudor

Accounting Coach

Mr Tudor, a qualified accountant with over x years experience, has worked with every type of business organization from sole trader to NGOs, SMEs to conglomerates and has a very panoramic perspective of the accounting needs of VW clients. 

Mr. Tudor helps clients, regardless of the size with developing effective financial management, financial forecasting and auditing.  In so doing, he helps clients to analyze their financial documents, offers advice on improving profitability, project future costs and revenues, as well as ensure compliance with financial regulations. 

Mr. Tudor’s easy to follow strategies and approaches help to demystify a lot of the confusion around applying accounting principles and is able to instill confidence and enthusiasm that helps clients inculcate and build into their operations sound accounting practices. 

Mr. Tudor holds to the tenet “You get what you inspect” and is a stickler for rigour, details and accuracy.  It is this commitment that helps clients achieve more accurate financial reporting and analysis so that they can make more effective and impactful business decisions.