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What is Impact?

For individuals, impact occurs when efforts result in improvements in the experience shared with others.  For example, being a better spouse, parent, employee, member, volunteer, citizen, etc.

For organizations and businesses, impact is the degree to which the outcomes observed are attributable to their activities. Impact in business tends to be more long-term or indirect.

Impact answers the question “What difference was made?e.g. are the lives of the wider stakeholders better or worse for business efforts?

Impact is the sustainable improvements as a result of efforts.

To Solve The Big Problems Of This World Companies Must Transform Themselves Into Impact Enterprises

Bart Hartman

Founder and Chief Entrepreneur, NOTS

So how can I make greater Impact?

VisionWorks Solutions

The path to greater impact starts here.

Are you an individual, business or a corporate entity and you have the desire to make a greater impact in your space?

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Impact Stories

What our clients say

Our clients dream big and have a passion to make a difference in their space. Explore their Visions at Work….

Darcel – Van der Vlugt


“When I got the opportunity to be coached by Rawle, it really helped me to expand my creative vision in a business capacity and start putting things in place to have specific goals for my business, both short and long-term. This gave me a more holistic view that has inevitably affected the way I plan and make decisions when it comes to my business ventures. Rawle is very easy to work with: he was patient where I needed a further explanation on terms and…”

Alina – S.R.P.P.S


“As a budding entrepreneur, I was full of passion. The year of one-to-one coaching with Mr. Rollocks provided exposure and guidance in the areas accounting, administration, marketing and sales, customer service, networking as well as financial planning. Truth be told, the notes taken during our mentorship sessions supported my strategic direction well into three years after our coaching sessions were over. Since then, I have expanded my entrepreneurial endeavours as supported by the sound foundation created with the input of Mr Rawle Rollocks.”

About Us

Innovation. Sustainability. Impact.

We are VisionWorks, a team of business consultants, trainers, and coaches committed to helping businesses start, grow, and thrive using our distinctive bespoke business concept. We guide our clients to unearth their creative genius and direct their efforts towards innovation. This fuels ideas for sustainability and creates transformational impact that yields unprecedented harmonious business success.

“The challenges that we face today as a globe are bigger than any institution or government can solve. We need all hands on deck and focused on making impact a priority. You are wired to make a difference in your world. You are created to make an IMPACT. Let’s impact the world together…”
Rawle Rollocks, Founder VisionWorks

Why choose VisionWorks?

Our Approach: Easy as ABC

Our Approach

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes reality” – Greg Reid

About Rawle Rollocks, Impact Consultant

Mr. Rollocks has been in the field of training, consulting and business coaching for over 20 years. He has supported and led organizational transformation, change and development consultancies for key firms including UWI-Institute of Business (Now Arthur Lok Jack GSB), Leadership Consulting Group (regional franchisee for FranklinCovey), Madonna Doyle and Associates (certified provider of City & Guilds and Institute of Leadership & Management), Ingenuity Business Development, Elders Associates Limited (the regions premier EAP provider).

Mr. Rollocks’ core strengths converge at the cross-roads of organizational development, transformational leadership, human development and SME business development as his Life’s Passion. Out of this medley, orchestrating the evolution of indigenous institutions with targeted strategic initiatives aligned to regional and global vision, has become a hallmark of his brand. 

Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, his diverse, business experience allows him to employ system’s thinking to identify strategic, tactical and operational areas for better efficacy using the DreamCatcher System©.  Incorporating tailored solutions, clients have experienced quick wins and followed through on medium and long-term initiatives to achieve personal and organizational targets and greater impact. His collaborative approach, yields positive results all-round, including the management of change projects from conception through to successful completion. The more dynamic the scenario, the more he thrives in designing outcomes to meet and exceed client expectations.

The endorsements by his clients and many referrals are testimony to the depth and impact of his content and his unique style of delivery that always demonstrates care.

Who we have served

Our Clients

Academy of Auto Mechanics
Benoit Academy of Steelpan
Christian Business Directory
Parenting TT
Tamar International
Van der Vlugt
Upstream Publications
Student Remediation Private Primary School
Victoria Learning Centre
Trini Bakes
TT Shuttle
Healthwise TT Senior Care Services
Proactive Health Solutions
Single Mothers Association of Trinidad and Tobago
Launchpad Consultancy
Small Tourism Owners of Trinidad and Tobago
Madonna Doyle & Associates
Matty's Inn Bed & Breakfast
Miles of Beauty
Donrica Decor & Design Services
Caribbean Parenting Digital Show
Parental Portal Podcast
Engine Design Studios
Bwel Club Ltd

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